Benucci Capital LLC is a seasoned financial company that provides capital to Real Estate Investors.  The Virginia based company is lead by Joe Benucci.  Mr. Benucci has over 25 years of lending experience and generates in excess of $40 Million of private capital on an annual basis.

The company conducts business with experienced investors in need of capital to fix and flip properties in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, South Carolina and Florida.  All deals are managed from purchase acquisition to close by Mr. Benucci.  Key competitive advantages for Benucci Capital LLC are availability to capital, quick response to clients, market mind share from years of experience, and ability to close quickly.

By offering niche capital, along with excellent service and familiarity of market conditions, Benucci Capital LLC, has built a sound network of seasoned Real Estate Investors in the region.  Most important, however, Mr. Benucci understands the value of long term business relationships as a key driver to successful and profitable outcomes.